The World Cup, Doctor Who, and Buttons’ Solution for the Keeper Problem

Pauline is not a happy cat. Pauline est une chatte malheureuse, and really, who could blame her? It isn’t easy being a French fan during this World Cup.

She’s changed her surname to “Poirot” now and tells everybody she’s from Belgium.

Football, football, football – there’s  no escape. And Emma’s the most obsessed fan, ever; a staunch and sole supporter of the English team. No matter how often they stumble and fall (on and off the pitch), she keeps her whiskers stiff and stands by her lads. “Back in the day, when Geoff Hurst still played…” – wait, how old is she again? If you ask her, she’ll tell you she’s watching the World Cup because she’s fascinated by Fabio Capello’s “strategy”. Strategy, my paw; all she does is oggling David Beckham! (So does Pauline. Not that she’d admit it, though.)

"Three Emmas on a shiiiirt..."

Me? Well. I’m a football cat  – black, white and football-shaped. On the one paw, I usually support the German team. On the other paw, it’s not really the German team, but Bayern Munich light (I support Werder Bremen, and yes, I’m still bitter). At the end of the day, I don’t really care, as long as the game schedules don’t interfere with my weekly dose of Doctor Who.

Oskar always gives 100 %, so he’s dedicated his full attention to the World Cup.  He’s set up camp in front of the telly, waving his flag and making the wave. It’s a small wave, just him and Buttons. Things are complicated by Buttons chasing after the ball on the screen, and the Gods only know the consequences if the woman hadn’t confiscated Buttons’ express parcel with six vuvuzelas!

Oskar firmly believes that Germany will make it to the cup final. (He also believes that kittens are growing in cabbage fields.)

Oskar, looking for kittens...

Considering that we only have one TV set, it was only a matter of time before World Cup and an illegally parked Tardis would collide. You try and explain to Buttons that no, Doctor Who is not a documentary series! After watching both Robert Green’s blunder and “The Lodger”, Buttons decided that there was only one way to save England’s honour: The Doctor has to play for the English national team. Move over, Wayne Rooney, here comes Eleven!

What nonsense. The Doctor has to stand in the goal – the woman said he’s a keeper.

Well, I better go and prepare myself for the next round – Switzerland versus Gallifrey. And no matter which team you support, I’ll keep my ears crossed for them!

We would like to thank all of you who have so generously donated to the animal shelter. Over EUR 350.00 so far! Your donations help to pay for vet bills, food, heating and care. The costs that come with running an animal shelter are high, more often than not, it runs on love and dedication.

Here’s a “thank you” picture from the animal shelter – for those of you tired of cats, have some dogs! And the apprentice, whose salary is also paid for by donations. So you’re not only helping animals in need, but also give somebody the chance to get a professional education and a job. Well done!

Donations are, of course, always welcome.

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  1. chaotic_binky says:

    Lovely photos :D The commentary made me grin as well :D

    Hugs Binky xxx

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot, Binky! The cats had a good day and kept still; usually pictures show tails or backsides or paws. :)

  2. Max McPaw says:

    Hi, Cats and Kittens,
    Just wanna leave a short message for all my pals:
    Live is fantastic in Germany! Villas, baskets, pillows and they are all mine….
    But maybe buttons could send me one of his vuvuzelas, because my family confiscated all of my trill pipes, because I refused to whistle for the German team ;-)